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Completed the next study on the evaluation level of liberality and dirigisme of the economy

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In 2017, the Institute of Economics, ANAS, has completed the research on the evaluation of "IL(R)E-2016: level of liberalism-dirigisme of economy". Broad information about the research, its methodology, sub-indexes and country outcomes can be found on the Institute's official website - in Azerbaijan, Russian and English languages. The Index of Leftness (Rightness) of Economy – IL(R)E – is an indicator annually being published by the Institute of Economics since 2014. At the initial stage, the Index was calculated for the Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), and for selected developed countries (37 nations in total). Another 25 countries with different level of economic development and representing various regions of the world were added in Report for 2015, and the number of observed countries had reached 62. 2016 research covers 95 countries (