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Holiday congratulation by the director of the Institute of Economics, Professor Nazim Muzaffarli

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Dear Colleagues!

Soon one more year will turn into the history of our lives. Like any other piece of time, it will be remembered by joyful achievements, and sad losses…
As it comes to our work, I’m certain that we did not waste the 2017. At the end of the year, we can proudly confirm that the Institute of Economics has put its signature on a number of done-for-the-first-times. For the first time in the country, we conducted a competition of the research reports commissioned by the Government. And I’m more than glad to congratulate the winners once again. Of course, not everyone was happy with the results. But this is even good. It means that our colleagues still keep their ambitions alive and strive to be winners. It's inspiring. We well may expect that the better reports will be submitted to our competitions in the coming years, studies that will be of more importance for the Institute and more useful for the country.
For the first time in the country the Institute of Economics participated in the design of the State Program on a reimbursable basis. Our colleagues, who have made a lot of efforts for this work, succeeded to demonstrate their high knowledge and skills. Yes, it’s true that MasterCard Advisers was our direct customer this time, but I dare hope that in the future we will receive similar orders from the Government and, undoubtedly, we will do our best to fulfill them at the same high level.
The contribution we’ve made to the preparation of the “Road Maps on Economic Reforms” has been highly appreciated – by responsible government officials in the first place. Besides, we took part in the examination, improvement and implementation of several other state programs and documents. Our colleagues responsibly and creatively work in special groups within ministries and government agencies. And throughout the year we constantly received a positive feedback about them.
We have successfully completed the next study on assessing the level of liberalism-dirigisme of the economy, and published its results in Azerbaijani, English and Russian. This year’s research is more practice-oriented. The interest shown to this research by the Azerbaijani economists and, especially, by the international expert community has strengthened our confidence that we move on the right track. Practically all the experts who got acquainted with this work note that they consider it a "new trail" in economics.
We have started publishing Annual Analytical Bulletins on various sectors and problems of the economy. Both the government and expert circles expressed keen interest to them. There is every reason to believe that in the forthcoming years we will be able to improve the Bulletins significantly, expanding the scope of the information analyzed and deepening the analysis.
The statistics of our publications, including foreign ones, and of them – in journals with a high impact factor, has reached record figures.
We have produced a new Charter of the Institute, which has already passed the official registration. For the first time in the ANAS history, we have adopted the "Competition Rules for Vacant Positions". And in 2018 we’ll finally hold that competition. Obviously, some of our colleagues are somewhat concerned about this prospect, but is it possible to move forward without a constant renewal?!
For the first time, we held an international economic conference, which was attended by the Presidents of the Academies of Sciences of the two countries – Azerbaijan and China. It was among the most important events of our Academy’s life in the 2017. Prominent researchers from different countries have joined our international conference on the "Proactive Tax Policy", by which new opportunities for cooperation opened up.
Our "Creative Economics Club" – which is the country’s first discussion platform of this type – though not with the desired intensity, but continued its activities. Hopefully, we will succeed to increase the "density" and constructiveness of these discussions next year.
We established the title of "Honorary Doctor of the ANAS Institute of Economics" and chose our first foreign Honorary Doctor. Next year we will conduct the awards ceremony.
We have made changes in the Institute’s structure. For the first time in the Academy’s history, the whole department of one institute was transferred to another. In the end, we acquired a new division – the Department of "Mathematical Support of Economic Research" and new valuable employees. I am confident that this department will be useful both for our joint and individual studies.
Our website has retained its leadership among the sites of the Academy's social science institutes. Now it is an indispensable resource for ensuring the openness and transparency of the Institute's activities.
Many of our colleagues have improved their language skills. Due to the permanent English courses we now have a fairly large group of researchers who are quite able to represent the Institute and the country in English-language forums.
For the first time the share of our young researchers below 35 years old has approached 20%. They are smart, well-mannered and not deprived of healthy ambitions. They work hard and strive for high goals. They are no longer "children", although some of us continue to look at them as "green youngsters." Everyone who cares about them deserves deep respect, because he tries for the sake of the future – not only of the Institute, but also of the Economics as a field of knowledge.
Our Administrative departments ably fulfilled their duties. Our infrastructure and working conditions have improved significantly, although it’s still not the desired level.
Certainly, all that we succeeded to carry out is only a small part of what we are planning for the near future and that we will definitely implement. I sincerely wish that, when it comes to the future of our Institute, each of you set before yourself as high goals as I do. Only those aiming at great achievements really achieve something!
Dear Colleagues,
I’m pleased to congratulate each of you on the International Solidarity Day of Azerbaijanis and the New Year that is persistently knocking on the door! I wish to you, your families and friends good health and happiness! Let 2018 bring prosperity to your home! I wish you always be proud of your children and students!
I wish that your life will never be poisoned by slander and meanness!
I wish that our country will prosper in peace, and that we all will benefit from this!
May God help us in all our good endeavors! (