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Employees of the Institute of Economics ANAS attended the international seminar in China

Ph.D. in Economics, Famil Rustamov: Our country's favorable geographical position make our republic an important partner in the project "One belt - one road" On April 17-29, 2017, held the first international seminar “One belt one road” in 

Beijing, capital of China. Ph.D. in Economics, Famil Rustamov senior scientific worker of the department of “Agrarian reform and food security” of the Institute of Economics attended the event, which was organized by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. The main purpose of the event is giving advice for the development of relations political economic, including in the transport, logistics and other fields in China, in the Eurasian countries, especially in Eastern Europe, North Africa and Central Asia.
  Famil Rustamov gave an interview to the website and noted that the theme of seminar was very relevant to our country and other countries along the ancient Silk Road. In 2013, head of China Xi Jinping informed the project “One belt - one road”, during his visits to the Central Asian countries. This initiative covers 62 countries in the Eurasian mainland. For the implementation of this idea the Chinese government plans to spend more than $ 1 trillion US Dollar in over the next 20-30 years. The Chinese government towards the implementation of this initiative has signed over 100 agreements with the international organizations in 30 countries around the world. Azerbaijan also supports this initiative, and our country's favorable geographical position, the development of all types of transport and highways make our republic an important partner in this project. In our country are being implemented major transport projects. with the participation of our republic, including for the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway, TASIM, implementation of a number of international project and etc. make “One belt - one road” initiative very important. On May 14-15, 2017, in this regard will be held the first international summit in China. The event will be attended by heads of 22 countries.
  According to F.Rustamov’s information within the scope of two weeklong seminars listened the lectures on various topics. Senior officials of the Development Bank, China's Ministry of Commerce, Development and Reform under the State Committee
for International Cooperation Center of China, the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations the Institute of World Economy, CIEA's Industrial Economics Institute, the University Xinhua attended the seminar.

  For an active participation in the seminar Famil Rustamov, senior scientific worker of the Institute of Economics, was awarded with a special diploma and prize money by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (

The scientific results of our scientists were discussed at an international conference

Academic Hatam Guliyev and Associate member of ANAS Akif Musayev took part in an international conference in the UAE
  Academic Hatam Guliyev head of the department “tectonophysics and geomechanics” of Institute of Geology and Geophysics of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and head of the department of the Institute of Economics ANAS, professor of the Azerbaijan University, Associate member of ANAS Akif Musayev on 21-26 February, 2017, in Sharjah city of United Arab Emirate
   Scientists attended the international conference “Front of the theoretical and applied physics” that co-organized by US Physics, England Royal Society of Physics and American University of Sharjah.
  Academician H.Guliyev made a lecture on the theme “Innovation on a solid core of the Earth” and “Eternal paradigm of the world circulation”. Azerbaijani scientist’s lectures met with great interest by specialists and IOP Publishing of UK has provided free access for some attendees of conference, including for Academician H.Guliyev to this prestigious academic platform for 6 months.
  In addition, our scientists carried out discussions with the President of German National Metrology Institute Prof. Joachim Ulrich, Professor of New Mexico State University Heinz Nakotte, Dean of the Faculty of Physics of the American University of Sharjah Prof. Ali Alnaser, Professor of the Institute of High Energy Electron of the Russian Academy of Sciences Victor Tarasenko, Assoc. Professor of Beirut Arab University Hanan Talal Rahal and other prominent scientists.
   Note that almost 500 scientists and specialists of nearly 40 countries of the world attended the conference (

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