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Scientific Secretary

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Abdullayeva Sabir Rasmiyya

Ph.D. in Economics, assistant professor
(+994 12) 510 34 03
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1."The formalization and perfection of the system of pension guarantee in Azerbaijan". Monograph, Baku, Elm, 2007. 260pp.

2."Role of the public health service in formation of human capital in Azerbaijan”. İDOSİ, Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research 21 (8): 1213-1218, 2014, with authorship of I.H.Alıyev and A.N.Muradov

3."Models of Social Security in the post-socialist system of social support of population. Comparative analysis of the experience of the CIS countries (Azerbaijan). International scientific and socio-political journal "Society and Economy"№ 12, 2008, Moscow, «Science»,p.38-46.